Vineyard Investment Opportunity in Arizona’s High Country

In the heart of Arizona’s high country, just up the street from historic Tombstone, is the future site of Equine and Wine’s naturally self-sustaining community. The development will be built around a series of vineyards and an equine facility. The total area we have for sale is over 7,000 acres, intertwined with 14,000 acres of undisturbed leased grazing land from the state of Arizona. You can purchase vineyard investments (our business model) in 10-acre or 40-acre parcels, which include all the necessary improvements. These improvements include our world-class viticulturist, roads, wells, an irrigation system, a crush facility, tasting rooms, an international marketing department, and much more.

Stake Your Claim in Arizona’s Wine Country

Tombstone attracts roughly 450,000 tourists per year, most of which flock to the area for the history and breathtaking scenery of the Cochise Mountains. We are proud to offer vineyard and equestrian land for sale in the same stunning area, which is the perfect vineyard investment model to add to your portfolio. On the west coast, 24 vineyards have sold at $557,000.00 per acre over the past 36 months. We strategically picked land for this development and completed extensive soil tests, with the help of the number one viticulturist in the world, Daniel Fischl of Silver Thread Vineyard Management, to build the best foundation to grow healthy grape crops.

Our Unique Strategy Provides You with Time to Relax

Our model is to build vineyards for 10 cents on the dollar, when compared to the California market. In addition, our cooperative partners share equally the profits from our completely vertical model. We do all the work, we manage all the retail stores, and our cooperative partners get 50% of the total net, not just 50% of the grapes. Our vineyard investment is perfect for individuals wanting to retire in a beautiful executive estate or on some of our equestrian land for sale. There are endless possibilities with Equine and Wines, and all it takes is a small investment in our vineyard and equestrian land to be able to sit back and enjoy the Arizona sunsets with nothing but peace of mind. And yes, we help with financing for vineyards through our vast number of banking relationships.

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