How Can I Stake My Claim?

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Getting to the Root of it

The most important part of Equine and Wines’ “secret sauce” is in our combination. Never before has a developer offered to develop both the property and the profitable agricultural business surrounding it, and then, break it up and sell pieces of both to wine loving home owners and equestrian land buyers. Because of this combination, we solve vineyard start-up early cash flow needs by selling off the surrounding land with increased value due to our state-of-the-art Equestrian facility and commitment to this particular lifestyle of living, plus the customer option to either purchase private vineyard land, or membership units in our Winery.

The Equine and Wines Solution

In total, the property encompasses roughly 22,000 acres. 7,700 of those acres are deeded and 14,000+ are leased from the state. There is currently only one home on this entire estate. The intermediate ground (not considered in this plan) is also good for agricultural profits in pecans, avocados, agave, alfalfa, grass and other products that will bring additional buyers.

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