The Equine and Wines Vineyard Team

Equine and Wines is proud to have a team of highly-skilled and enthusiastic individuals with immense expertise between them. Every member of our vineyard team is qualified and committed to helping you grow your vineyard real estate to be the best it can be and create a thriving community of excellence. Learn more about the Equine and Wines vineyard investment opportunities and our community, and get ready to become a part of our growing community.

An image of Thomas Heshion

Thomas Heshion — CEO and Founder of Equine and Wines

Tom Heshion is more than our CEO and founder; he is a man with a vision and a passion for helping people and companies reach their full potential. He has been the driving force behind a multitude of successful businesses. During his formative years as a successful entrepreneur, he never lost sight of his dream of owning a self-sustaining equine facility where he could keep and fully enjoy his horses.

Doug Frost — CEO of Plouton Winery

Doug Frost is not just an author specializing in wine, beer, and spirits but is actually an international wine expert. He is one of only three people in the world who are both a Master Sommelier and a Master of Wine. According to USA Today, “Frost likely knows as much as anyone in the world about how to make, market, serve and identify wines.”.

An image of Doug Frost

An image of Daniel Fischl

Daniel Fischl — CEO of Silver Thread Vineyard Management

Daniel Fischl is an international asset to the vineyard team and community. He has developed over 32,000 acres of vineyards, for over 1,000 clients, in over 10 countries. As a viticulturist dedicated to sustainable practices, he has traveled around the world offering guidance and assistance in vineyard technology, management, and sustainable environmental strategies.

Executive Team Members

Peter Benincasa – Funding Director

Peter has over 30 years experience in real estate development and funding. He was the top sales agent of Executive Real Estate in Fridley, Minnesota with recent single sale representation of a $32,000,000 transaction. He also has experience in construction and development with involvement in Minneapolis and St. Paul representing over $500,000,000.

Peter’s experience with some of the largest and most reputable companies in the country has perfectly prepared him for this outstanding endeavor at Equine and Wines. His resume includes concept building and development of more than 30 restaurants including facilitating the partners of a public offering of Champs Americana Sports Bars; he assisted in the 57 M merger; he was the general contractor of the Williams Uptown development; and he was the Trustee of Tamino Minerals Mining. He was also the Branch Manager of one of Minnesota’s largest independently; family owned Mortgage Company’s with near one billion in annual sales. He personally specialized in VA and rural and agricultural lending and was of the Top 5 originators for over 15 years.

Pete’s ability to assist in the loan process, with his extensive background, is priceless to the Equine and Wines’ vineyard team. He is fully committed to this company, as proven by the move of his entire family from Minnesota to Scottsdale and his undying support of the entire team at Equine and Wines. He is loyal, true, honest and overflowing with integrity.

An image of Peter Benincasa

An image of Riyan Holte

Riyan Holte – Marketing Director

Riyan is a strategic communications and marketing expert who has spent most of her career-life engaged in the ever changing field of public relations and marketing.

A lifetime member of the community that surrounds the Arabian horse, Riyan has served on the boards of directors and as an active committee member on some of the largest Arabian horse events in the world. Event planning, horse show management and broadcasting were her focus prior to taking the position at Equine and Wines. Her previous career path, connections and global travel to nearly every major Arabian horse show and event in the world, opened doors and offered experiences and insights into the wide world of marketing and public relations of every variety, venue and version.

Riyan is known for her unparalleled ability to showcase her subjects through video and digital media. So enthusiastic is Tom Heshion about Riyan’s talents that he has hired the top web development company in the world to support her abilities. Riyan is immensely grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the growth and development of the Equine and Wines.

Lance Sedbrook – Director of Veteran Relations

A native of Kansas, and hopeless entrepreneur; Lance has virtually earned his JOAT,MON (“Jack of All Trades, Master of None.”). From a childhood landscaping business, to working as a stockbroker and authoring prospectuses, to private equity and venture capital, to various endeavors in the restaurant and food service; to design, development, manufacturing, and marketing of products, Lance has amassed significant experience in processes, products, and most importantly, people.

Whenever possible, Lance tries to assist in helping veteran and first responder causes and their families, homeless outreach, disability peer mentoring, and animal rescue.

An image of Lance Sedbrook

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