The Strategy Behind Our Unique Vineyard Investment Opportunity

The best vineyard investment strategy is to keep your day job and allow Equine and Wines, Silver Thread Vineyard Management, and Plouton Winery, to do all the work and make all the important decisions. It is said that there are a thousand decisions that go into every glass of wine. With a low start-up cost, our phenomenal finance department will help you obtain the best possible rate and program for funding that you should be able to pay off by the end of year six. Our experts predict that you will start seeing a steady cash flow from this vineyard investment opportunity and will soon see larger companies looking to purchase your investment, as early as year 3 or 4.

Arizona’s Vineyard Growth

Arizona welcomed more than 45 million visitors in 2017, and the state’s wine tourism industry alone yielded an annual economic output of over 56 million dollars. According to the Arizona Wine Growers Association, the number of Cochise County vineyards in southern Arizona wine country has exploded from less than ten to over one hundred during the last dozen years, driven especially by the region’s growing wine reputation. Wines produced in the southern Arizona wine country have done extremely well at many prestigious wine competitions, and Wine Spectator has given high ratings to more than 250 wines from the region.

Invest in Your Future

As your vineyard matures, the profits become substantially higher. Our company will do all the back breaking leg work, groundwork, and everything in between, so you can sit back, relax, and watch your investment develop. With our unique co-operative and vineyard management system, your investment can be sold with a market value that is 13-20 times its annual earnings, leaving you with a great ROI and a newfound love for winemaking. We will take our portion of the sale and expand the vineyard community further, allowing your legacy to grow.

With Equine and Wines’ unique vineyard investment opportunity, you will be able to have your wine and drink it too.

Development Map

The vineyard map from an aerial view

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