The Story of Our Agricultural Investment in Southern Arizona Wine Country

The team at Equine and Wines was born to create sustainable wealth, health, and happiness for our investors. Our renowned vineyard team created this agriculture investment as a way to develop 21,000 acres of AVA (American Viticulture Area) certified viticultural land in Arizona and contribute to the state’s economic success. In 2017 alone, the state managed to gain more than $56 million in wine tourism, an industry that, for decades, went unnoticed in Arizona.

Arizona’s Best-Kept Secret

Cochise County’s southern Arizona wine country, the home of Equine and Wines, is also home to the perfect environment for a booming wine business. It is cooler throughout the year than the rest of the state, with gorgeous skies and mountainous horizons. In fact, wines from this area have continuously ranked highly in wine competitions, making this area one of Arizona’s best-kept secrets.

A Sustainable Community of Wine and Horse Enthusiasts

After learning how lucrative the southern Arizona wine country is, and the significant promise of Cochise County’s climate and soil, our team could not pass up the opportunity to bring this piece of heaven to other wine and equine enthusiasts throughout the country. We plan to develop our acreage into a naturally self-sustaining community built around vineyards, a state-of-the-art equestrian facility, and endless opportunities for agriculture investment. You can enjoy a 50/50 profit split, and we do all the work for you!

Join our group of investors and let us help you make your future as beautiful as Cochise County’s summer sunsets. Investing in Equine and Wines is an investment in your future.

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