Invest in Starting a Vineyard

Loving wine does not have to be limited to your living room after a long day. With Equine and Wines, your love of wine can put money in your pocket by starting a vineyard of your own with our world-class team.

Environmentally Conscious Viticulture

Our vineyard team has carefully and thoroughly studied the soil and climate in Cochise County and have matched over 27 different varietals of wine grapes to the land so far. World Renowned viticultural scientist, Daniel Fischl, PHD will be utilizing the fundamentals of strong science with a deep respect and understanding of the environment to provide design, management strategy, and advice that seamlessly integrates with the land. In a few short years, your vineyard may be a self-sustaining and highly profitable investment.

The Path to a Lucrative Vineyard

Our price per acre for a completely improved vineyard is $60,000, with a 10-acre minimum, per our model. On average, most bottles of wine produced by your vineyard and our proven wine-making strategy will retail for a minimum of $40 (per documented Arizona average), and premium bottles will be sold for even more. We intend to distribute your wine throughout the country, helping to bring your financial return to roughly 10x earnings based on what the market has proven.

Owning vineyard land in Cochise County’s beautiful southern Arizona wine country offers the opportunity for a successful wine business. Starting a vineyard with the assistance of the Equine and Wines team, doesn’t have to be just a dream. Invest with us and enjoy picturesque sunsets, running horses, and pride of ownership with 50/50 profit shares.

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