Ripen Your Portfolio: The ROI and Income Per Acre for Equine and Wines’ Vineyards

Imagine standing in the middle of a vineyard filled with luscious grapes. You hear horses nearby as the warm sun bathes your skin from head to toe. You pinch yourself, but you don’t wake up from the experience. That’s because you are, without a doubt, living the dream.

You are a vineyard owner.

A growing number of individuals are developing a desire to be involved in vineyard investments — and for good reason. It offers outstanding returns and the type of diversification that people want their investment portfolios to reflect. For these reasons, it simply makes sense to explore what owning your own vineyard can do for you.

Here is a glimpse at the vineyard income per acre that you can expect and how a unique Vineyard investment opportunity through Equine and Wines can help you to achieve it.

How to Buy a Vineyard for Maximum ROI

A number of vineyard investment opportunities exist across the globe, but they are not all created equal. It is for this reason that you should stick with a unique and proven investment opportunity offered by highly experienced industry experts, like Tom Heshion, the passionate and experienced entrepreneur behind all we do here at Equine and Wines.

A Look at Equine and Wines

the Equine and Wines Team

Tom founded the company and eventually partnered with with Doug Frost, one of only three people in the world to carry the distinctions of Master of Wine and Master Sommelier, and Daniel Fischl, PhD, a viticultural scientist dedicated to sustainable practices and the chief executive officer of Silver Thread Vineyard Management (a division of Equine and Wines).

What makes our company stand out in the industry is our co-operative vineyard model. We build vineyards for 10 cents on the dollar, when compared to the California market. In addition, our cooperative partners share equally the profits from our completely vertical model. We do all the work, we manage all the retail stores, and our cooperative partners get 50% of the total net, not just 50% of the grapes. In addition to our unique co-op model, we are creating a community that  also appeals to equine enthusiasts. Equine and Wines is creating a distinctive community centered on a thriving vineyard and a world-class 360-acre equestrian center. All of this is located on 21,000 acres of stunning and fertile land in historic Tombstone, Arizona, in the heart of the Cochise Mountains.

How to Buy a Vineyard with Equine and Wines

As an investor at Equine and Wines, you can choose one of several 10 or 40-acre plots. Those plots dedicated to vineyard development are ideal if you are looking for a top-notch return on your investment (ROI) and you desire to live off the vineyard income you receive per acre. We do all the work for you while you sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery, from your home, our world class equestrian facility, or on the trails designed for exploring, by foot, bike or atop your favorite equine companion.  .

Who Should Invest in this Amazing Opportunity?

Some investors may assume that they are too old to get started with vineyard investing, whereas others may envision they are too young and lacking in finances or experience. The truth is, people of all ages and experience levels can capitalize on thousands (perhaps even millions) in vineyard income per acre when working with the right company.

In the case of Equine and Wines, we expect that just under half of our investors will have little to no experience with grape cultivation at the start. You may fall under the category of those who are young, in your late 20s to 30s, and would like an investment that can be lucrative for the long haul. On the flip side, you may be a retiree in your 60s who would like to generate more income while still enjoying the freedom that comes with retirement.

Our founders are especially passionate about helping veterans earn a substantial income for the rest of their lives  with wine investment returns . There are  a variety of agricultural programs available to assist in obtaining loans, but Equine and Wines is taking it a step further with the assistance of financing through Veteran Foundation support. A qualified veteran may be granted substantial financial assistance until the vineyard is income producing.

How to Enjoy High Vineyard Income Per Acre After You’ve Secured Investment Funding

vineyard home

What makes starting a vineyard with us so attractive to many investors is that we and our subsidiaries handle all of the work associated with producing and selling wine from your vineyard. As a result, the income you generate from your vineyard takes little to no effort for you. Spend your time doing more of what you really love, like joining the 400,000 tourists that visit Tombstone every year.

You also have the option to build the home of your dreams in our community and allow your new passive income to cover your property ownership costs, including your mortgage expenses. The right plot choice will ensure you experience high returns while also enjoying the many charms of living in a vineyard community.

Wine Investment Returns

What’s excellent about investing in our vineyards is that these properties generate earnings over the course of only six years.

As a general rule of thumb, the average returns for wine investments have been relatively stable since the late 1980s for periods of three years, six years, and 10 years, for example. However, the imbalance of supply and demand can go up for the very popular wines over a lengthier timeframe, so the longer you hold onto your investment, the more valuable it will inevitably become.

The fine wines from Southern Arizona currently sell for an average of 40 dollars per bottle. The cost of grape vines has increased over the past couple of decades, which is good news for you as an investor. Today, a vineyard can easily be valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars, so with our hydro and solar powered cultivation practices, you can expect to generate thousands of dollars in passive wine investment returns from your vineyard.

As Equine and Wines continues to develop your vineyard investment on your behalf, you can eventually decide to sell your already lucrative plot for at least 10 times the annual earnings!

Enjoy the Greatest ROI Possible with this Top-Tier Investment Opportunity!

If you’re wondering how to buy a vineyard, we at Equine and Wines can get you started today. We know how to help you to obtain the maximum vineyard income per acre due to our decades of combined experience in the industry. Contact us to learn more about how you can make money as a vineyard owner and enjoy a one-of-a-kind investment in your portfolio in the years ahead.

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