Discover an equestrian and viticulture lifestyle in the cool Cochise County mountains


Welcome to Cochise County

This collective of visionaries, have created a lifestyle living community where open land can be sustainably and responsibly utilized for pleasure as well as prosperity for the landowners through investment in vineyards and equestrian sports hosting.

These experts unanimously agree that the marriage of the green energy equestrian lifestyle combined with the organic vineyard farming investment is also, harmonious. They have agreed to pool their knowledge and develop one community situated among 22,000 acres that intertwines the equestrian lifestyle, land development and vineyard investment, to better serve all three.

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  Equine and Wines is comprised of a team of world renowned experts, very rarely found in one company. Meet entrepreneur and Founder, Tom Heshion; hear from Master Sommelier and America’s eighth Master of Wine, Doug Frost; and learn from Viticultural Scientist, Daniel Fischl.

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