A Rich Life on Beautiful Land

In the oasis that is Arizona’s Cochise County, Equine and Wines has set out to make our 21,000 acres of land a home for everyone. This flourishing area is a fundamental part of our strategy to provide as many people as possible with the opportunity to buy a vineyard of their very own and enjoy a rich life on rich land. When you invest in a section of the vineyard we have for sale and become a part of the Equine and Wines family, you join a team of world-class individuals who have a long history of good vineyard management, great horsemanship, and of course, the best wine palate around.

Welcome to Cochise County

Living on an equine ranch or expanding a vineyard in Cochise County is an experience sure to be full of scenic memories. This oasis of viticulture serves as the perfect environment for grape crops and animals.

Surrounding this vineyard for sale in 10-acre parcels, is a beautiful climate that includes a mix of wintry cold and summer heat, providing balanced seasons that are essential for successful agricultural growth and personal happiness.

Investing with Equine and Wines is not just about staking your claim on USDA recognized AVA land; it’s creating a legacy that you and your family can be proud of for generations to come. From day one, you will be working with a highly qualified team of wine experts as you step into your future.

You will start receiving a surge in cash flow that we will then use to create wine that makes its way around the country. Before you know it, wine from your vineyard will be for sale in wine tasting rooms and in the homes of people throughout the entire United States, and you will be at home, relaxed, and ready for your next venture.

Investing in Equine and Wines unlocks the lifestyle you’ve only seen in your dreams. We offer exclusive meet-ups to our investors where you can try various wines, enjoy hors d’oeuvre’s, and learn from some of the best experts in the equine and vineyard industry. Those who buy a vineyard plot from us will never forget the memories of building relationships with fellow Equine and Wines investors and preparing for their future of wealth, success, and happiness.

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